I started taking pictures before my tenth birthday with a second-hand Kodak box camera, bought for a shilling (yes, it was a long time ago!) at the local jumble sale. Needless to say the results were pathetic, but I was proud of them.

My first serious shots were taken with an Olympus OM1 which was a revolution in camera design in the early 70's.

For larger film format I still use a Pentax 6x7, a robust monster of a camera which produces stunning images.

The Olympus stays in the cupboard these days as I now use Nikon digital equipment.

I have worked since 1968 in photographic labs in London and Düsseldorf (mainly printing), running my own lab since 1989, as well as supplying picture libraries in the UK and Germany.

I exhibited my pictures in Stralsund, Germany in 2005.

A growing number of images may now be viewed (and purchased for under 2€) at redbubble, or for those of you in the USA, by Fineart America see below.

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